Actually Plausible Theories On Where The Hell Melania Trump Is Hiding

Where is Melania

First lady Melania Trump will attend a reception for Gold Star families Monday, her first public appearance since being hospitalized for several days last month.

Reporters asked President Trump about the whereabouts of Melania on Friday before boarding the helicopter to Camp David according to a report from The Independent.

Melania has regularly accompanied her husband to big occasions and earned praise for playing a ideal host to French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte during the Trump administration's first state honour organised in late April.

While there are certainly bigger issues in the world right now (Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump a dirty word, the Drake-Pusha T beef, etc.) the disappearance of Melania Trump has captured the public's overactive imagination.

Much speculation has surrounded the lengthy, 24-day lack of first lady sightings, spawning conspiracy theories ranging from plastic surgery to a stealth move back to New York City, all of which Grisham has denied.

One news correspondent swore she saw Melania around the White House as recently as Tuesday afternoon.

It is a phrase she has never used on social media, but one Mr Trump has used in at least eight of his tweets.

Comedian Sarah Silverman retweeted Melania's tweet with her own comment: "Who is this? where's Melania?"

Earlier in May, the first lady unveiled her official platform from the White House's Rose Garden on May 7, focusing on the welfare of children.

It remained unclear when her next public appearance will be. Asked how his wife was doing, a week after her return to the White House, he pointed towards what appeared to be an empty window, saying: "She's doing great".

There's also a notable lack of photos of the first lady with no pictures being posted of her meetings with staff or of her "working hard".

Whatever the reason for her lengthy seclusion, those starting to suspect that the First Lady has disappeared altogether will at least have their concerns put to rest.

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